The mandated Treaty negotiators for the Iwi of Hauraki have negotiated a collective redress deed with the Crown and voting is now open on the deed and associated post-settlement governance entities.

The voting period is Saturday, 4 February 2017 to noon, Friday 17 March 2017

The two resolutions to be voted on by the Iwi of Hauraki are:

1. I support the Pare Hauraki Collective Redress Deed.

2. I agree that the Pare Hauraki Cultural Redress Trust, Pare Hauraki Forests Limited Partnership and Pare Hauraki RFR Limited Partnership will be the post-settlement governance entities for the Pare Hauraki collective Treaty redress.


You can vote through all of the following iwi with which you are registered:


Iwi Website Contacts


John Linstead – 027 293 2060

Ngai Tai ki Tamaki:

Billy Brown – 021 140 9484

Ngati Hei:

Joe Davis – 027 296 2581

Peter Johnston – 021 051 1182

Ngati Maru:

Paul Majurey – 0274 955 741

Ngati Paoa:

Morehu Wilson – 027 4868 241

Ngati Pukenga:

Rebecca Boyce – 0800 895 212

Ngati Tamatera:

John McEnteer – 021 985 127

Ngati Tara Tokanui:

Amelia Williams – 021 501 312

Ngaati Whanaunga:

Tipa Compain – 021 175 9090

Boni Renata – 027 523 3504

Te Patukirikiri:

William Peters – 027 625 4980


All eligible iwi voters can e-vote by internet, vote by free-post envelope or by ballot box at any of the following ratification hui.


                         Date                                                   Time                                                         Venue

         Friday, 17 February 2017                                    6 pm                                          Paeroa War Memorial Hall

         Sunday, 19 February 2017                                 Noon                                             Whitianga Town Hall

        Monday, 20 February 2017                                6 pm                                              Thames Civic Centre

        Tuesday, 21 February 2017                                6 pm                                   Manukau Room, Manukau Civic Centre

       Wednesday, 22 February 2017                          6 pm                                          Distinctions Hotel, Hamilton

       Thursday, 23 February 2017                              6 pm                                         Brentwood Hotel, Wellington


Hauraki Collective Ratification Documents

Pare Hauraki Ratification Information Booklet 2017

Pare Hauraki Collective Redress Deed

Pare Hauraki Ratification Public Notice 2017

Pare Hauraki Collective Cultural Redress Deed

Pare Hauraki Forests Limited Partnership Agreement

Pare Hauraki RFR Limited Partnership Agreement

Click here for further documents in relation to the Pare Hauraki Collective Redress


A special voting pack can be obtained, if you are not a registered member, by contacting the Returning Officer (toll-free 0800 666 032 /, or at the ratification information hui.  Special votes, which are otherwise valid, will be counted subject to confirmation of registration.