Ngati Hei Vote Passes

Congratulations Whanau, we have made it to a major milestone.

The past few years of hard work by our negotiators and our many trustees over time has come to fruition.

With the completion of voting, we can reveal the following:

On the issue of accepting the Ngati Hei Settlement the voting numbers were:

133 people voted

All unanimously voted for the acceptance of the Settlement Package.

On the issue of the Ngati Hei PSGE Deed and its associated Trustees the voting numbers were:

133 people voted

122 voted to accept the deed

10 voted in the negative

As a 91.73% vote in the positive, the PSGE Deed and the associated Trustees have been accepted also.

What does this mean for us next?

We now wait for the acceptance of the voting by the Government and then pending that acceptance, the Trustees will sign a resolution to uphold the deed and travel to Wellington to officially sign over the  settlement.

Once done, the hard work begins. We have a lot to prepare for with the returning assets and the upcoming 2019 Captain Cook Anniversary Celebrations and in order to see this through we will need to muster our available resources and begin the journey to revitalizing Ngati Hei and our surrounding communities.

I look forward to beginning this journey with all of you.

Thank you for your support whanau, Kia Kaha!

Derek Neal, Chairman, Ngati Hei Charitable Trust.



*Potentially Cancelled*

This Wananga may need to be cancelled due to it's coinciding with the Ratification Information day on the 16th

The Ngati Hei Charitable Trust holds Wananga for its Whanau each month.

For the month of July, it will be held on the 17th. Check the Community Calender for more information.

Hauraki Collective Ratification

Kia ora whanau,

The Hauraki Collective Ratification vote is commencing very shortly.

In order to see more information regarding this vote, what it pertains to and how you can vote, please navigate to the page we have added to our site specifically for the vote which can be found in the menu at the top of any of this sites pages.

I must clarify that this is not a vote for our individual Iwi ratification, but is a vote for the ratification of the Hauraki Collective.

Thank you whanau,

Derek Neal (Trustee) on behalf of the Ngati Hei Charitable Trust

2016 AGM for Ngati Hei Charitable Trust

Hello whanau and visitors,

The 2016 AGM for the Ngati Hei Charitable Trust is to be held with the details as follows:

Saturday, 29/10/2016 at 09:00am

It will be held at 14 Wharekaho Road Whitianga

If there are any Trustee Nominations or inquiries please contact the Trust via the email address and your inquiry will be passed to Shelley Balsom (Trustee)

Thank you,

Derek Neal (Trustee) on behalf of the Ngati Hei Charitable Trust.